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What does Premier Entertainment do for backup plans and emergencies?

You only get one shot to make your day as special as you envision it. Premier Entertainment has done as much as humanly possible to ensure your day is a smashing success.

  • Premier Entertainment Masters of Ceremony carry around a backup hard drive of music in case the first fails.
  • Should a computer fail, Premier Entertainment Masters of Ceremony carry with them an iPad with all of your special music and can complete your wedding using only the iPad.
  • Premier Entertainment uses only powered speakers; each speaker has it’s own built-in amplifier. Without geeking out on you too much, your Master of Ceremony can finish the night on one speaker.
  • Each Premier Entertainment Master of Ceremonies carries with them a AAA Plus Membership which includes 100 miles of towing. We will worry about getting home later.

Does Premier Entertainment carry liability insurance?

Premier Entertainment carries a full $1,000,000 liability insurance policy through the RV Nuccio Company. We have never had to use it, but it is there to protect not only Premier Entertainment, but your guests as well.